Faroe Islands Week 2 April 2023

A week of recovery

So I took it pretty easy this week. Taking some time in Tórshavn. Wrote last week’s newsletter, hung out in cafes, and relaxed on the couch watching YouTube. I did make it out a couple of days though. The weather changed and it was a lot colder this week.

Day 9 – Svartafoss near Tórshavn

So I headed off for a walk to Svartafoss after catching one of the free city buses there, No 1. I did a short walk to the waterfall. You also get a great view across to Nólsoy. There isn’t much there but the views and the waterfall are pretty cool.

Day 11 – “See It All” Tour

So there was a whole heap of places that I wanted to visit but you couldn’t visit them by public transport. So, I signed up for a tour, “See It All”. There were 3 of us and the driver. The driver was Elsa Marie, a Faroe Islands native and the other passengers were Anne Marie and Ian from Melbourne. Elsa Marie made this video tour thing of the day which is really cool. We had a lovely day traveling around 3 islands. It was fully four seasons in one day. We missed out on a bit because the weather was so bad. Then we had just beautiful sunny moments. Below is a selection of photos from the day.

Day 13 – Tjóðsavnið, Tórshavn

So as the weather wasn’t expected to be great I decided to attend the Tjóðsavnið, National Museum of the Faroe Islands. It was a great museum starting with the geology of the Islands all the way through history until today. Not too big either. A very lovely way to spend an afternoon. There weren’t many pictures. They have an amazing exhibition of the pew ends from Kirkjubøur which were taken out when they upgraded the church in 1875.

Day 14 – Mariukirkjan, Tórshavn

When we were coming back from the tour we drove past a cute church Else said that it was the Catholic church that was set up by some nuns. It’s the only church left in Tórshavn that is open all the time. So on one of my walks to get food I called in. The stained glass windows are amazing. The whole vibe was relaxing. They also have one of the pews from Kirkjubøur. But truly it was all about the stained glass.

Random other things mainly sculptures

Those of you playing along on Facebook may have noticed the large number of sculptures that have seen throughout my time. Apparently, there are so many they have a spreadsheet for them. Here is a selection of the ones that I found. Most of them have no explanation they just are.