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    SewNordic Day 2

    Welcome to Day 2 of SewNordic. Even though it says Day 2 on the label. I’m going to talk about the dinner as well. If you want to find out about Day 1 check out my blog post. The Dinner So it was a big red carpet entry with photos and champagne. Inside we sat at the tables I got to sit with the Dutch ladies from Stavanger, a lady from Switzerland and another from Narvik. There were others on the table but they were a bit too far away to talk to. (I don’t like round tables. They restrict who you can talk to even more than long thin…

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    Sewing Events

    SewNordic is here

    SewNordic Day One Today was the big day. First day of SewNordic. The reason why I travelled 16,000km to Oslo has arrived. How did I get here? Well, obviously I caught a plane for way too long halfway around the earth. Arriving in Stockholm about 10 days ago. I travelled to Northern Sweden, Abisko, onto Narvik, Svolvær and Bodø. Before arriving in Oslo yesterday. How I really got here was I saw Johanna Lundström mention on her YouTube channel, The Last Stitch, that she would be teaching here. Originally I thought it might be a bit silly to fly across the world for 2days of sewing. Then some things in…

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    Oversized Sweatshirt – BurdaStyle Project

    Welcome to my first full piece for my BurdaStyle Teaching Certification, The Oversized Sweatshirt. Now I’m not a fan of this pattern at all. I guess that I’ll just wear it to the gym over my singlet when the weather warms up a bit more. As I’m not a fan I raided the sewing stash and decided to use three offcuts. One of the body, another for the sleaves and another for the triangles and pockets. The pattern and my modifications The pattern is BurdaStyle #111B 02/2017. It is a print out pattern. So I ended up spending at day printing and cutting out all 4 patterns that are required…

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    Pattern Prep: The BurdaStyle Way – BurdaStyle Teaching Certification Course

    So I enrolled in the BurdaStyle Teaching Certification Course by Meg Healey. It has been interesting so far. Learning the Burda way of doing things. Always a bit of a shock to my system for not doing things the way Mum did them. Also doing everything in inches because the course is American is a bit annoying too. I will survive though and probably learn a lot and get to pick and choose what I keep. This post is about the assignment 1 of the course related to Pattern Prep: The BurdaStyle Way. Preparing the pattern The course has gone through the 3 different ways to get a pattern from…