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    SewNordic Day 2

    Welcome to Day 2 of SewNordic. Even though it says Day 2 on the label. I’m going to talk about the dinner as well. If you want to find out about Day 1 check out my blog post. The Dinner So it was a big red carpet entry with photos and champagne. Inside we sat at the tables I got to sit with the Dutch ladies from Stavanger, a lady from Switzerland and another from Narvik. There were others on the table but they were a bit too far away to talk to. (I don’t like round tables. They restrict who you can talk to even more than long thin…

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    Sewing Events

    SewNordic is here

    SewNordic Day One Today was the big day. First day of SewNordic. The reason why I travelled 16,000km to Oslo has arrived. How did I get here? Well, obviously I caught a plane for way too long halfway around the earth. Arriving in Stockholm about 10 days ago. I travelled to Northern Sweden, Abisko, onto Narvik, Svolvær and Bodø. Before arriving in Oslo yesterday. How I really got here was I saw Johanna Lundström mention on her YouTube channel, The Last Stitch, that she would be teaching here. Originally I thought it might be a bit silly to fly across the world for 2days of sewing. Then some things in…