Oversized Sweatshirt – BurdaStyle Project

Welcome to my first full piece for my BurdaStyle Teaching Certification, The Oversized Sweatshirt. Now I’m not a fan of this pattern at all. I guess that I’ll just wear it to the gym over my singlet when the weather warms up a bit more. As I’m not a fan I raided the sewing stash and decided to use three offcuts. One of the body, another for the sleaves and another for the triangles and pockets.

The pattern and my modifications

The pattern is BurdaStyle #111B 02/2017. It is a print out pattern. So I ended up spending at day printing and cutting out all 4 patterns that are required for the course. I’m not a fan.

Burdastyle pencil outline - oversized sweatshirt #111 02/2017
BurdaStyle oversized sweatshirt #111 02/2017

Burdastyle from website - oversized sweatshirt #111 02/2017
BurdaStyle version of Oversized sweatshirt #111


Messuring myself up on the BurdaStyle measurements. My size is all over the place. Thanks to my apple/pear shape. I have small shoulders and a short shoulder to boob length. Decent upper arms,a round tummy and a cute butt. So from my earlier tries of BurdaStyle printout patterns I think that I have to raise the shoulders to combat some of the problems. Probably not so important as this piece is oversized but I did it anyway.

Cutting out

An afternoon was spent cutting out this pattern and the jacket pattern. It went quite smoothly once I had decided on the fabrics that I was going to use. They are all knit fabrics from the stash so I’m not really sure the proper names. As it’s a burda pattern you have to add seam allowance which is OK. I find it hard to pin the paper to the fabric so I end up using pattern weights to hold the patterns in place while I chalk in the cut lines.


Coming soon

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