July 2021 Newsletter

Quote for July

Hope everyone is going well and surviving the latest lockdown. All is good in Filitaland. I have well and truly settled in at Ausgrid it’s like I never left. Which in itself is a problem. The best thing though is I’m working from home. The kitchen is almost finished, just waiting on the plasterer who lives in super lockdown so it might be a while. So we are moving into the kitchen. In other news, I have a friend of a friend moving in downstairs which will be good. Just a little bit of pressure to finish moving upstairs. So off the back of that, I finished my bedhead and have started moving more of my stuff upstairs. I also assembled my new couch and shelves for the lounge room.

Guinea Pigs

Well, there is big excitement with the guinea pigs. Guess what Rossi is actually Rosie and now we have Peek, Ah and Boo as well. A bit of a shock when I went to clean their cage and found babies. They are very very cute. They are like complete mini-mes of Houdini and Rosie.

Mystery Box

The State Library of Victoria has a mystery box series. Where they show things from their collection. This one is about embroidered bookbindings. They are very beautiful and have an interesting history.

Digitised books

Houses of Sydney are shown off in a book from 1905. I find it so amazing that books like this have been digitised enabling so many more people to see them while protecting the original book.

Australian Poetry Month

This August sees the inaugural poetry month in Australia. To check out activities related to it head to the Red Room Poetry website. To check out some Australian poetry online head to the Australian poetry library.

LEGO Eurovision

Two of my favourite things combined, LEGO and Eurovision. The Grand Final was released in June and Semi-Final 1 this week. So if you want to relive the joy of Eurovision in miniature check it out.


Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to make the ultimate pair of pants. 4 patterns in and I have 3 pairs of pants none of them perfect, but all wearable. So I’ve decided to draft a pattern from my measurements so maybe this month I’ll be another step closer. I also finished a pattern test, which is called the Basque Blouse. Loved the sleeves not too sure about the bodice.


After having not read anything for a while. I started a new book last week Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions by Mario Giordano. I’m loving it. Check out the description on the Novel Suspects website it perfectly sums up the book. I have the second book from the library as well.

Anyway, that’s all for the month. I’m off to continue watching the cricket, the car racing and enjoy watching my latest batch of ARASHI concerts.
Stay Brave and Have Fun