March 2021 Newsletter

Cover Quote for March

Hi Lovely people,

Welcome to my March 2021 newsletter. I’m a little late this month. I’m now on holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a rough month. I overfilled my coping barrel and it broke. Lots of darkness fell out. It hurts. I’ve taken the brave decision not to patch it up again but to rebuild it. So it will take a while to recover and hopefully, I will be able to build it a bit bigger and not put so much stuff in it. Meanwhile, the clean up is continuing.

In better news. The house is progressing along nicely. All the appliances are ordered and the kitchen man booked for the kitchen. Demolition starts at the end of April hoping for a Eurovision Party reveal.

Talking about Eurovision, the countdown has begun. My party will be on my birthday!!! More of a get-together than a purely Eurovision party. I miss you all and would love to sit around eating and talking with Eurovision on the tele in the background.

Work has been great. I’ve just finished my first Navy batch for the year. I have the school holidays off then go back and teach the next batch. I have had my hair done coloured purple again. I’m off to Canberra on Sunday for a week, really looking forward to getting away from the to-do list.


Three of my favourite things together in one show. Lighthouses, Engineering and the lovely Rob Bell. I stumbled across ‘The Secret Life of Lighthouses’ on SBS on-demand. It is an amazing show about lighthouses obviously. If you want a bit more engineering goodness, a new season of ‘Abandoned Engineering’ is on SBS on-demand.


For a bit of news and some history of science check out Massive Science

Funny TV

I had an amazing weekend with James and Alera binging on ‘Wellington Paranormal’ which is a piss-take on reality police shows. It is so good and made us laugh a lot.

Music flashback

As lots of new music comes out for Eurovision season, check out the playlist on Spotify or . I found myself tracking down old albums that I own on Spotify. Miles Davis’ ‘If I were a bell’ and Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘Electric Universe’. It’s been comforting listening.

New TV Show

‘Miss S’ is a Chinese remake of The Phyrne Fisher series, yes it has subtitles. As a massive fan of the Phyrne Fisher books, I struggled with the TV version. Miss S has changed enough that I’m really enjoying it. The costumes are amazing and I’m loving the main characters.


Check out this cat themed granny squares blanket. I would do it in a variety of cute animals.

Live Music

So I got a few concerts this month. Kygo had an online concert on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. It was epic and very cool. He was DJing overlooking a Fjord. There was even a helicopter that airlifted in a perspex grand piano in the middle of the concert. Very very cool.
The next concert I saw online was Musica Viva concert of Diana Doherty and Streeton Trio. A beautiful concert from the City Recital Hall. Not as epic as the Kygo concert but beautiful all the same.
There have also been two concerts by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The first at the City Recital Hall, ‘Andrew Haveron Performs Bach’. It was a lovely evening. I made a new friend with the gentleman next to me who is a retired pianist from the opera. The next one was at the Town Hall, Haydn: Seven Last Words. My Easter religiousness ticked and moving on. It was beautiful moving music but the seats in the town hall are shit definitely taking my own cushion next time. I have another concert coming up in May in the Utzon room, yippee!!!!!!


So there is an Easter tradition in Norway called Påskekrim. This is a tradition that I think I will enjoy. It’s reading crime novels over easter. For more information check out a life in Norway article, visit Norway’s article or the Learn Norwegian Academy’s article.

I’ve kicked it off by reading ‘the man who went up in smoke’ by sjöwall & wahlöö, a Swedish crime novel from the 1960s. I plan to read more of ‘The Dales Detective’ series by Julia Chapmen, jump back into ‘The Dresden Files’ by Jim Butcher and listen to a John Mortimer novel, ‘Quite Honestly’. Also going to continue watching Miss S on SBS on-demand (see above).

God Påske! (Happy Easter!)