Train at the State Theatre

Last night, Miss Bad and I went to the state theatre to see Train. We arrived at the time on the tickets to find the support act already playing. A single guy with a guitar. He was singing away sounding pretty relaxed doing his own stuff and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on fire. While listening to him I casually said gosh he sounds like James Reyne (my favourite singer ever). We didn’t catch his name so I googled and found that is was J.R. Reyne, James’s son. So I’m now really excited about listening to him more. Here’s a link to him on Spotify .

Then Train came out with an awesome entrance of a train approaching either that or Glenn McGrath was running in, hehehe. Insert clapping, yelling and screaming here. They were everything I expected and more. Patrick Monahan ruled the stage. Beautiful voice and great stage presence. They played all the hits and some of their lesser know album tracks. Bruises from ‘California 37’ and ‘Parachute’ from ‘Save Me San Francisco’ where the standouts for Miss Bad and I of the lesser known songs. There was a phenomenal moment when he sang without a microphone one of his solo songs, ‘Always Midnight’ the theatre was completely silent. The backing singers, guitarist and bass player joined him on stage to provide harmonies. It was beautiful. The guitarist and bassist also got to shine on the cover of ‘Under Pressure’. Of course the biggest hits for the audience were ‘Drops of Jupiter’, ‘Save me San Francisco’, ‘Marry Me’, ‘Hey Soul Sister’ and ‘Play That Song’. It was a great night out and if they are in town again I would definitely check them out.

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