Luisi & Bruckners 7 – DR SymfoniOrkestret

Recently while I was on holidays in the wonderful city of Copenhagen (København), Denmark, I took the opportunity to get a ticket to see the DR SymfoniOrkestret at the DR Koncerthuset. The concert was called “Luisi & Bruckners 7”. The concert featured Eva Steinaa playing Richard Strauss’ Oboe Concerto and the orchestra performing Anton Bruckner’s More

David Drury in Recital

On Friday the 23rd of March, I attended the Sydney Opera House to watch David Drury in Recital. David Drury is the organ player for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and every year he does a recital as part of Tea and the Symphony. This year I took along Chandré and she was lucky enough to More

The Muse, the Poet, the Composer and his Animals

Tea and the Symphony Today was another wonderful concert, Saint-Saëns In The Morning, at the operahouse by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It was a full Camille Saint-Saëns program. I must admit that I haven’t listened to Saint-Saëns very much before, I guessed that it would be pretty and I was right. La Muse et Le More