David Drury in Recital

Sydney Opera House Organ

On Friday the 23rd of March, I attended the Sydney Opera House to watch David Drury in Recital. David Drury is the organ player for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and every year he does a recital as part of Tea and the Symphony. This year I took along Chandré and she was lucky enough to have her mum in town from South Africa on a surprise visit so she joined us too.

I’m not a big fan of the organ, just putting out there. I’m not sure why but it might have something to do with all the power chords. I do however love the amazing abilities of organ players to be able to play so many different melodies at once and keyboard with their feet.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

By far the king of the pipes, J. S. Bach is the best of the best. Big, loud and powerful. This concert contained 3 of his pieces. I really enjoyed some sections of them and then it was ruined by power chords and lots of harmonics, but that is Bach after all.

Sinfonia from Cantata No.29 – Wir danken dir, Gott

‘O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross’, BWV 622

‘Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme’, BWV 645

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Felix Mendelssohn was the first of the HIP-sters, (historically informed performance), check out the article in limelight magazine for his effect on the revival of Handel’s music. It is said that he brought back Bach from obscurity. Anyway, 2 movements from one of his sonatas were played. The first was very Bach and the second one was very lovely.

Organ Sonata No.3 in A major, Op.65 No.3

Con moto maestoso

Andante tranquillo

Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911)

Marche Religieuse on a Theme from ‘Lift up Your Heads’ from Handel’s Messiah, Op.15 No.2

Alexandre Guilmant is one of the French composers who was inspired by the Baroque era.



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