April 2021 Newsletter

Hi Peeps, Welcome to the April 2021 Newsletter. Another month has gone by. Been on holiday to Canberra. Then back to work for another group of the navy. Ingenuity – NASA’s Mars helicopter The engineering and scientific world has got very excited this month as Ingenuity successfully flew on Mars. I watched my favourite Astrophysicist, More

February 2021 Newsletter

Well, here we are at the end of another month. This one was a short one so I’m running a little late.  There has been a couple of life things. I went back to work this month. A new Navy class that I get to hang out with for 10 weeks. School has gone back More

January Newsletter 2021

Hi, So it’s 3:30 pm on the 31st and I’m writing my January newsletter 2021. It’s been a quiet month. Maybe a bit frustrating as well. I made some big decisions late last year about moving upstairs and renovating all the rooms. The problem is Christmas and Covid slowed progress. My focus word for January More

November newsletter

Hi lovely people, I’m running a bit late this month I’m sure you’ve missed me. So as there is nothing like a deadline here is my November newsletter on the last day of the month. Watching LEGO Eurovision, if you haven’t seen Fire Saga check it out it is amazing and I don’t even like More

October Newsletter #1

Hi Welcome to October’s Newsletter, So I didn’t get this newsletter out in September even though it was mostly finished. I got held up with all my last-minute TAFE stuff. I’m in the middle of a couple of weeks off. So far I’ve laid on the couch at home and laid on J&A’s couch and More

September Newsletter #1

Hi, Welcome to my September Newsletter #1 (I’m being optimistic that there will be more than one). So these couple of weeks have been exciting. Eye and Ear candy: My Cali bass has arrived yippee!!!! It sounds beautiful and looks amazing. Everything is just wonderful. When we get to travel to Europe again I’m planning More

August Newsletter

I’ve been inspired by Austin Kleon’s newsletter, https://austinkleon.com/. He releases a list every week of what he is reading, listening to, looking at, etc So here is my version of some of the things I’ve been getting into apart from work. Poems: I measure every Grief I meet (561) by Emily Dickinson and Dream Song 14 by John Berryman. I’ve More