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This blog series is about getting to know a variety of inspirational scientists and engineers. We have all heard about the big ones, Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Archimedes, da Vinci, Hawkings. Or maybe even some of these, Plank, Rutherford, Marconi, Maxwell, Hertz, Ampere and the Curies. But have you heard of Mosely (not the TV doctor), Lovelace, Hopper, Pauli, Zwicky, Burnell and Higgs? There are so many exciting inspirational people that I want to share my favourites with you.

Series 1

In the first series, I am going to cover the following people
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell – The Pulsar Detective. Her desert island discs interview is available
Admiral Grace Hopper – The Bug Killer
Henry Gwyn Jeffreys ‘Harry’ Moseley – X-rays and Atoms
Irene Joliot-Curie – The other Curie
J.J. Thomson & George Thomson – Electrons as a particle and a wave

Future series

Human computers

The Havard Computers
The Bletchleyettes
The West Computers

THe Earth & the Universe

Inge Lehmann
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
Wang Zhenyi
Annie Scott Dill Maunder
Ruby Payne-Scott

Biology & Natural Sciences

Mary Annning
Maria Sibylla Merian
Dian Fossey
Bertha Lutz
Jane Colden
Esther Lederberg
Ynes Mexia
Wangari Maathai

Medicine & Psychology

Fe del Mundo
Jane Cooke Wright
Ruby Hirose
Kamala Sohonie
Margaret Sanger
Gertrude B Elion
Helen Rodriguez-Trias
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Leta Hollingworth

Elements & Genetics

Nettie Stevens
Ida Noddack
Rosalind Franklin
Rita Levi-Montalcini

Physics & Chemistry

Chien-Shiung Wu
Lise Meitner – Co-discoverer of nuclear fission
Leona Woods Marshall Libby
Laura Bassi
Dorothy Hodgkin
Niels Bohr – Devised quantum atomic model


Hypatia of Alexandria
Emilie du Chatelet
Emmy Noether
Sofia Kovalevskaya
Sophie Germain

Technology & Inventions

Maria the Jewess
Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner
Hertha Ayrton
Rose Dieng-Kuntz
Ada Lovelace

References for this list

Forgotten Women – The Scientists by Zing Tsjeng
Physics – An Illustrated History of the Foundations of Science by Tom Jackson
Breakfast with Einstein – The Exotic Physics of Everyday Objects by Chad Orzel

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