August 2022 Newsletter

Quote: A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems by Paul Erdos. With star cluster from the James Webb Telescope

Hi and welcome to the August Newsletter. Hope you are doing well. I’ve been away to Newcastle twice. I had a lovely time both times. I haven’t really spent anytime there before. It was great to catch up with Newcastle Ausgrid friends. It was also a get-stuff fixed trip. I dropped my watches in at Erina at the jeweller, then Mum’s sewing machines to Bill the retired engineer and my electric bass with Matt from Saltmine repairs that has recently moved up to Newcastle. I got the sewing machines back overnight and had to leave the watches and the bass hence the second trip. I also met a double bass/violin repairer. Also, I visited lots of very cool and funky places like Alie Jane, Pappa Sven, Cooks Hill Books & Records, Blackbird Corner, The Retro Wardrobe, Qs Books and With Love Bree Lacey. I had a wonderful time. It is also amazing to have my electric bass back and working along with Mum’s two old sewing machines.

Bass Octave Pedal

To continue talking about my trip. I visited the big music shop in Newcastle, Musos Corner. It is huge. To give perspective on how large it is, it is located in an old Spotlight building. Anyway, they have a room full of basses. I was definitely in a happy place. So, I was looking for an octave pedal. Matt (instrument repairer) had suggested the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe Effects Pedal so I tried it along with the classic Boss OC5 Octave Pedal. So I sat in the bass room with a bass, an amp and the pedals and tried them both out. I liked each one in different ways. I was struggling to figure out which one suited me best. Anyway, I came back out and discussed my uncertainty with my salesman Shaun (I’m running with that spelling as I have no idea if he was a Sean, Shaun, Shawn or Shaughug). He suggested I tried a different pedal, the MXR Poly Blue Octave Pedal. It flipping blew my mind. I had the biggest grin on my face. So many effects in the one pedal. It is awesome to play. The fuzz blows my mind. Check out these videos to hear more of the sounds that can be made, Bass The World, Empire Music, to hear one of my favourite sounds here is the jump point in the Empire music video. Another favourite sound is available here in the Bass Channel video.

The History of Stork Scissors

The history of stock scissors is explored in Peppermint magazine. Who would have thought that they are from midwives? I’m not an owner though I have been intrigued by them. Though I’m not sure if I want some now.

Adjusting to New Windows

This one is for Robert but I thought some other people might be having similar issues adapting to windows 11. I particularly like the opening of the article ‘Change is the only constant. That doesn’t mean you have to like it.’ So if you want to check out how to move your Start back to the left or bring back the old taskbar check out Zapier’s article.

The hunt for pants or should that be trousers or slacks

Over the last 18 months or so I have been on trying to make a pair of trousers that fit. It started when I found some beautiful twill fabric with Koalas on it that I wanted to make into pants. So I started making test pants. I even drafted a pattern, using a book called Simplified Pattern-Making of Ladies’ Pants. All of these weren’t a success. Some of them were wearable I just wasn’t happy with the way they fit. There were 5 pairs in total made. So, I decided it was time to go and get some professional help and enrolled in the pants fitting master class at the Usefulbox Sewing Lessons. It was great. I learned so much not just about pants but sewing in general. The biggest thing though was that I have to have a shaped waistband, not a straight one. Also where to add extra and take fabric way to make them look awesome. I haven’t quite finished them but they look awesome. I’m very happy with them and will make one more pair before I use the really pretty fabric.


The Joy of X by Steven Strogatz

A Guided Tour of Math from One to Infinity. Well, at least that’s what it says on the cover. I certainly enjoyed it. It filled in gaps in my foundational understanding of some mathematical assumptions. It also got me asking the question. Why do we expect Maths to do stuff for us? Especially at school. We allow English to be about themes, interpretation, etc, not just spelling and comprehension. So why does maths have to be practical?

The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

Introduction to the Grimm Sisters series. It is a children’s novel based in a fairy tale modernish world. Absolutely loved the escape into a silly and funny world full of characters we all know.


Cricket, really is never-ending. The IPL finishes and The Hundred in the UK starts with both ladies and mens. Its timing couldn’t have been better with me being on the couch for a couple of weeks due to some preventative maintenance on the body. There was the summer break in both the MotoGP and F1 but they are both back now as well. World Rallycross held its first round of the year. They are now using fully electric cars. My favourite driver Kevin Hansen didn’t have the greatest weekend but he was upbeat at the end and looking forward to the next round. The supercars also raced at Sandown, Chaz had a good weekend but yet again SVG dominated. I’m a bit uncertain about the direction that the supercars are taking going forward with their GEN3 cars.

Music and Poems

Well, the end of Winter has arrived so you can check out my winter playlist on spotify. Here is a link to my favourite poems from winter.

Quote for the month

A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorms – Paul Erdos

Apart from the trips to Newcastle, there wasn’t much to report apart from I survived my preventative maintenance, in this case, a bilateral oophorectomy. I haven’t recovered as quickly as I would like but it is what it is. I’m looking forward to September when I go back to seeing concerts and will be recovered enough to get up to all types of mischief. Thanks to everyone for being you.
Anyway, that’s all for the month of August.