August 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the August 2023 Newsletter. It has been a nice settled month. Full of concerts, sewing, books and music rehearsals. Plus the normal sport, YouTube and documentary watching. Concerts Diana Doherty performs Ross Edwards The Sydney Symphony Orchestra put on this concert as part of the celebration of Ross Edward’s 80th Birthday. The first More

June 2023 Newsletter

I’m back. The month started in Iceland and I’ve travelled to Jan Mayer, Svalbard and Oslo since, still seems surreal. My travel newsletters are still being written hopefully some will be out by the next newsletter. I might have even created a slideshow and there will be a slideshow party at my place. Back in More

December 2022 Newsletter

Hi Lovely people, Here I am running late like usual with the December Newsletter. Well, December didn’t really go to plan, more about that later. It started okay. Concerts What even more concerts? Holst’s Planets & Britten I took myself off to a bonus Sydney Symphony concert with last-minute tickets. I found myself in the More

September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter. Wow, we are almost halfway through Spring. The guinea pigs and I are going well. I’m still recovering from the operation in August, I’m finding it very frustrating. The guinea pigs still don’t like me but they are happy to eat the food I give them. In exciting news I’ve More

June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the June Newsletter. I have been on adventures, seen concerts and enjoyed the couch. Enjoying and cursing the cold in similar amounts. Road Trip After finishing up work in May I decided to go on a bit of a Road Trip to visit some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. My More