August Newsletter

August 2020 banner and cover picture

I've been inspired by Austin Kleon's newsletter, He releases a list every week of what he is reading, listening to, looking at, etc

So here is my version of some of the things I've been getting into apart from work.

  1. Poems: I measure every Grief I meet (561) by Emily Dickinson and Dream Song 14 by John Berryman. I've written about some of the poems on these posts How to be perfect and I measure every Grief I meet
  2. Ear Candy: James Reyne's new album 'Toon Town Lullaby' and the new tracks that Dirty Loops have been releasing, for example, Dirty Loops - Rock You
  3. Things to consider: How hobbies are a cultural thing? something I had never really thought about.  Knitting at the end of the world - Austin Kleon
  4. Eye Candy: Amazing photos from the Apollo mission Project Apollo Archive’s albums | Flickr
  5. Engineering happiness: Walking Britain's Lost Railways yes it has Rob Bell in it and they are currently filming a new session 🙂
  6. Nature adventures: The flowers have been exploding on our bush walks. Here are a couple of posts on Instagram Another weekend another walk. This time to Red Hill.Been a while. Here are some flowers from the local bush.Last weekend's bushwalk flower photos. and Another weekend walk.
  7. Bass: Put my electric bass in for a service and repair and my Cali mini bass is ready, it's still in Poland but it is finished.
  8. Remembering parents: A whole heap of the orchids are flowering. Orchids
  9. Sport: Marble League ML2020 Yes a full tournament of Marble events.
  10. My Spotify winter playlist, Winter 2020, I make a list for every season of the songs that have been released and that I am listening to and the occasional one that I haven't heard before.

Don't worry I don't expect that you will look at all of these links just have a look at what interests you or none of them. Just wanted to share part of my life.
If you like this let me know and I'll do one every couple of weeks or even make one yourself and share it.


My Cali Bass still in Poland soon to be here

Cali Mini Bass Front
Cali Mini Bass Back