February 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to another month down of 2024.

Inspirational & Interesting

Medical Technology for Underserved Communities

Sometimes it can be disheartening with all the bad news and dodgy people so I thought I would share some inspirational work being done. Rebecca Richards-Kortum is director of the Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technologies at Rice University, she works with her team on developing technology to help improve medical care in underserved communities worldwide. Things like precancerous cells detection and a CPAP for newborns which has now expanded to a whole suite of newborn and neonatal machines. The coolest thing is that there has been training to go along with the use and maintenance of the equipment. It is also where possible made using readily available components for easy repair.

Untranslatable words from around the world

So I came across this website which has some words that struggle to be translated into other languages. I really love utepils, drinking beer outside on a sunny day. Tåfis (lit. Toefart), the smell of sweaty feet. Some I didn’t think of, overdressed and underdressed.

Animals from around the world

Ever wanted to know what animals are blue. Here they are on AnimalSpot.


Back to uni I go. 2 days a week with a big learning curve. Enrolled in survival analysis and stochastic processes. I’m really enjoying survival analysis. Assignment 1 done and dusted. I’m not enjoying stochastic processes so much. I might drop it, I’ll see how the next week or so goes. (note by the time this was released I’ve dropped it)



Last November I went and saw Phil Burton at North Sydney Leagues with my auntie after Mara had to pull out. I was an awesome night. So when Mara suggested we go again I didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was a great night of music and dancing. He is brilliant and so much fun.


A reminder that our concert is coming up at 4:30pm on Sunday 10th of March at St Leonards Park, North Sydney. Bring your picnic blanket or chairs. Plus some food and drinks and enjoy the music for the afternoon. If it is raining the concert will be moved to North Sydney Girls High just up the road. For all the details of the concerts this year head to the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra website.

Blue Riff

After wanting to play with Blue Riff Big Band since I was a kid I got a call to fill in at rehearsal. So much fun. There was even beer afterwards.


So apart from watching a lot of cricket from around the world on the tele. I went to a game yippee. North Sydney Oval, Australia verses South Africa in a woman’s one day game. It was on and off rain though out the day. So that was a bit annoying but it was a lovely time out. Unfortunately, I’ve kept my losing streak alive. I think I’m at 6 games in a row for watching my team lose.


Farewell Blues by Maggie Robinson. End of the Lady Adelaide series, the one where her husband dies and comes back as a ghost to protect her and help with investigations while he hopes to get into heaven. I have read the other 3 in this series. The ending was perfect. Most series either just stop or I get bored. This one tied everything up in a happy-ever-after bow. I’m looking forward to the next series by Maggie Robinson, Lady May Delacourt Mysteries.

I’m embracing the Agatha Christie Challenge this year. The reading list is in chronological order, with each era going for a couple of months. I forgot to do January so February saw me do two. The first was her first ever, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Then I read Murder on the Links for February. These were the first two Hercule Poriot books. So I’m thinking of reading the Hercule books in order. So March will probably be busy as it’s the last of the 1920s, and there are Poirot Investigates, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Big Four and The Mystery of the Blue Train.

Coming up in March

March is exciting and hectic. The builders are coming to do the kitchen downstairs and my built-in wardrobe. I’m off to watch Coterie play at Brookvale supported by Bootleg Rascals and South Summit. Also, the Ceroc ball is on. As mentioned earlier my orchestra is performing on Sunday 10th of March. Then I’m off on a cruise, from Auckland to Sydney via Tasmania, with Virgin Vogages for 12 days. Then back in time for an exam for survival analysis.