Day 1 of UX Design at Academy Xi

Cute fluffy kookaburra

Well I went off this morning for Day 1 of user experience design course at Academy Xi with excitement and nervousness. Worried about the people that I would meet and if they would like me and more importantly if I would like them. Arriving at Xi academy Miss P was already there, we were then joined quickly by Miss C, Miss L and Miss A. Everyone was really nice. Lurnea who I met at the information evening was there and just finished the last course will be helping out throughout the course. Kev came along and chatted to us for a bit. Mr D then arrived our only guy on the course. Rob our instructor then arrived. Then we all went out of the room and were introduced to everyone who works at Academy Xi. Going around introducing what we do and our spirit animal. For those of you who don’t know mine is the kookaburra.
The day then started with talking about the course, what we are going to cover, how it is going to be run and what to expect.


We completed the following exercises

  • Present Your Buddy: we broke into pairs and had to present what we learnt about the other person
  • Expectations: breaking into groups of 3 we brainstormed then presented our expectations and how we wanted the classroom to be, our interactions with each other etc
  • What is UX?: we again broke into pair and answered what is UX.

Reflection of the day

The most interesting thing about all of the exercises is how different groups answered the questions. It will be interesting to see everyone’s individual style and viewpoint fall out.
So day 1 was interesting and tiring. As i’m sitting on the bus on the way home I’m not sure how I am going to survive the 12 hour days. It seems like a fun, happy and caring group. I think I have made the right choice.

To check out the course visit User experience transform

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