Summary of Week 1 of UX design at Academy Xi

Word Cloud of UX Design course week 1

So we have reached a full week of learning of UX design. I have made it to the end of the week. Tired and sore but I have enjoyed myself and learnt alot.

Exercises that were completed in the first week

  • The classic, How to make Toast? ( my personal favourite was Mr D’s flame thrower solution even though he didn’t want to put it up
  • Examples of Good UX and Bad UX: this was all about our experiences listing out what was good and bad and why
  • Presentation of a Bad UX example in detail: this presentation was for a guest who hypothetically was going to invest in further research. My team of Miss A and me choose the example of going through the self checkout at IKEA
  • Again with Miss A we worked together to create a Concept Card for research into the IKEA self checkout
  • Produce and present an introduction presentation of ourselves: The presentation was to show a bit about who we are and how we came to be doing UX. I woke up on the morning of the presentation and changed it to be one that was just shown through pictures and minimal words with ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’ by James Reyne being played in the background. Doing a presentation like that is something I have always wanted to do that. It seemed to go down well with the class.

Guests that came and spoke to us

  • David Quan from Academy Xi talking about LinkedIn
  • Ben Hockley from Beam Wallet. One of our projects later in the course will be with them
  • Adrienne McLean from The Speakers Practice. She rang a presentation workshop.
  • Sarah Pulis from Intopia. Presenting about accessibility in design.
  • Annika Messing from The Onset Group, a recruiting agency

 Other activities

Went to the Ladies in Design Leadership talk run by Academy Xi at WeWork Pyrmont.
Enjoyed Friday lunch at the Pub and after class hangout on Friday afternoon.


Looking back over the week

  • This course is going to be intense
  • The industry is varied and there is a lot of opportunities
  • It does also feel like time is ticking a bit and there is a lot to do to get the best out of the course
  • I’m going to have to manage my fatigue better

But overall it is awesome and I’m so grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of it and join the UX community.

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