December 2020 Newsletter

Cover image for December 2020 with Christmas trees

Well, I have made it to the end of the year. For me, it has been a good year. A strange thing to say in covid times. I have moved forward for the first time in ages. I was lucky enough to get an epic overseas trip and have some amazing experiences before covid hit. Then a new job, what Filita got a job, and as part of the job, I got a scholarship for a cert IV in training and assessment. After that excitement, I got to sit on the couch for months which was awesome. Looking forward to what excitement next year has installed for me. So here is my December 2020 newsletter to wrap the year up, it's a short one.


So I have decided to move upstairs now that Rachel and Kris have moved to their new house. Currently, I have got myself a 75" Samsung tele with a soundbar, just a little bigger than my 24". Painted the lounge room and the dining room. moved some furniture upstairs and got a new rug. The things-to-do list has a new kitchen, laundry and wardrobe on it. Along with painting the bedroom and foyer. I'm also planning on building some furniture to suit the spaces.


I brought a new toy for the pool. A dolphin pool vacuum robot. He is very cute and I wondering why I didn't buy one 5 years ago.


Well, there was a bit of a change from the original plan, thanks covid. I made the most of it putting up a Christmas tree, building lots of lego and making matching t-shirts for myself and Jayden. We had a great day eating, drinking and enjoying the view. There was even an afternoon nap in there.


Favourite song for December was the UK Christmas number 1. Don't stop me eating by LadBaby and Ronan Keating. It made me laugh. Otherwise, I have just been hiding from Christmas carols and songs. I've been adding to my summer playlist which you can check out on Spotify.


You guessed it. It's cricket season. So so so much cricket. Big bash has started so there goes all my nights. T20s, fifty over games and test matches from both Australia and New Zealand. It is brilliant on the new big tele.


I started the month by seeing a beautiful young python passing past the spa. This moving upstairs business has also been great. Not only do I get to see critters, birds and flowers walking I can now sit and look out across the valley towards the lagoon. Jayden and I were having dinner on the deck and we saw microbats flying around above the pool, very cool.

That's all. I wish you a very merry New Year wherever you are. As you probably guessed I'll be bringing the new year in enjoying the big bash on the big screen. 🙂 Bring on 2021.

View of Narrabeen Lagoon with food and cider in the foreground
Jayden and Filita in Christmas tshirts and Christmas crowns on Christmas day