Final Presentation & Industry Night at Academy Xi

Me and my wall

On the 15th of December we presented our final presentations. We weren't given a tight scope, about 20mins in front of a wall with no slides, no topic just whatever we would like to share with the staff and students at Academy Xi. I completed a User Journey and a Skills card sort based on my personal work journey.
On the 18th January we had our industry night. Students, instructors and industry representatives came and talked to us at our walls. I added extra parts to the wall based on my portfolio.

Final Presentation

My Presentation

I decided to use the opportunity to map my previous work skills to UX design. I started with a user persona of myself which I completed in week 2 of the course. One of the challenges that my persona was having was mapping previous experience to my new career. So I created a user journey for my 20 years of experience. I showed my jobs, skills, training, work emotional map and personal emotional map. It has also provided me great insights into what I want in a job. I showed a close in view of the last 18 months and zoomed in even more for the last 10 weeks of the course. After identifying all of my transferable skills I conducted a card sort and topic labelling. This produced the following skills sets.

  • Problem Identificaton
  • Data Gathering
  • Data Analysis
  • Design
  • Deliverables
  • Presentation & Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Software
  • Programming

It has given me a starting point for tying my previous work experience to UX design skills.

In flight doing my presentation
For the final presentation I presented my wall and did a Q&A at the end. I was very happy to have it all over.
Q&A with Rob after my presentation

The certificate presentation

After everyone finished their presentations, there was a certificate presentation. It was a nice ceremony.
Me and my certificate

Industry Night

Due to the Christmas break there was a delay before our industry night. Giving us even more time to work on our walls. In addition to the persona, user journeys, card sort and topic labelling. I added case studies for Muscle Republic, Living Building Challenge and the Sydney Opera House. Also I produced highlights of my skills from Engineering that are transferable. The night was pretty good but a little disappointing that there wasn't more people there from industry. But I got what I needed out of it. Here are the photos of my final wall.

What's Next For Me?

Now that I've finished the course, I've decided to do freelance and contract work. Check out what services I can offer. I will be continuing to learn. I'm currently completing a course in inbound marketing and exploring the history of human centric design. Looking at how I best fit into the industry.

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