May 2022 Newsletter

So I’m running late. Surprise surprise. Welcome to the May newsletter almost in the middle of June. Last month was a big one. Full of celebrations. It was Birthday Month!!!!!!!!! I hosted a Eurovision Party, got spoilt for my birthday, escaped from Ausgrid and had a Gemini Club meeting at my place. It was pretty epic.


Need I say more. Every year, madness ensures as we celebrate the cultural event which is Eurovision. For those of you who don’t know it was hosted in Turin, Italy this year. It was full of big songs, quirky and just plain weird. I love it all. There were a couple of extra weird things to add to the bingo cards this year. Velvet mechanical bull was something that I never thought I would see on stage. Here are links to my personal top three Finland, Norway and Moldova.

For all 40 performances head here or to enjoy the full experience watch it again on YouTube or SBS.

If you want to watch the coolest and shortest version check out the LEGO version


IPL cricket, Fairbreak Global Women’s T20 Invitational, BPL lawn bowls, F1, MotoGP, V8s, WRC, RallyX and NASCAR. It was a massive enjoyable month of sport.


So due to my heavy consumption of sport, there hasn’t been much reading. I did manage to read the little book of scandi living by Brontë Aurell. I thought it was going to be your usual white walls and candles instead it was siblings (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) teasing each other about their habits and their quirks. It was quite funny.

I need a holiday from me

I was having a discussion with Miss Mara about how even though we get away sometimes will still take ourselves with us. This is a bit annoying. Then in Austin Kleon’s newsletter, there is Oh No We’re Still Us which has a link to this amazing sketch on Saturday night live by Adam Sandler.

Anyway, that’s enough from me this month. It’s taken me far too long to get this far. I’m off to Queensland tomorrow and to the SSO tonight so lots to talk about next month.

Have fun