October Newsletter #1

October 2020 cover page

Hi Welcome to October’s Newsletter,
So I didn’t get this newsletter out in September even though it was mostly finished. I got held up with all my last-minute TAFE stuff. I’m in the middle of a couple of weeks off. So far I’ve laid on the couch at home and laid on J&A’s couch and watched lots of sport and TV. I have been go-carting though.  Enough about that bring on the cool list.

  1. Watching: Loving watching Megaprojects on YouTube. A great variety of engineering projects e.g. helicopters, tunnels and buildings. Also been enjoying binging Inspector Montalbano, the sexy Sicilian police detective.
  2. Reading: I’ve just finished ‘Teach Like A PIRATE’ by Dave Burgess. An inspiring book about creativity in creating and delivering lessons. Though I can’t see myself dressing up as a pirate anytime soon. It was my inspiration for incorporating matchbox cars in my classes. I’m now reading ‘Learning How to Learn’ by Babara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski.
  3. Viewing: On the 26th of September, it was International Observe the Moon Night. So I went for a sunset walk and observed the moon. Here are 10 ways to observe the moon. I hope you get inspired to look at the moon.
  4. Mindblown: Came across this article which outlines what popeye has known all along. Spinach is amazing. They have found that it works better in experiments as a catalyst in fuel cells than platinum that they currently use. This is after it has already proved useful in capacitor electrodes and photocatalysts. Very cool.
  5. Experiencing: Go-carting for the first time. While staying with James and Alera, I went go-carting with J, D and M. It was indoors and electric. There were 2 races. In the second race, I really got into it. I improved heaps. Also started yelling at other people a lot more. Hehehe. Definitely want to do it again. Maybe even outdoors with petrol engines, we’ll see.
  6. Making: As I shared last time I have got to be a pattern tester for Tilly and the Buttons. I finished it and have submitted my feedback and the photos. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The pattern gets released in the English winter.
  7. Playing: My Fender Bass has come home from its service. It is looking and sounding great. New strings, balance pot, action adjusted, and a lovely clean. I can’t wait to do some recording with all the basses together.
  8. Working: Yes I survived my first term of teaching. 10 weeks of teaching the Navy how to become smarter electrical technicians, really just guiding them through the course so they can get a pay rise. I’m enjoying having 3 weeks off. The couch has been my best friend. Next week I go back sort of, preparing course information for a proposed Navy course next year.
  9. Lady after my own heart: Josephine Cochran – This Socialite Hated Washing Dishes So Much That She Invented the Automated Dishwasher. She was fed up with doing the dishes after dinner parties and damaging her fine china plates. So she invented a water pressurised dishwasher. Then built a whole company around it amazing for the 1890s. She even told the men to bugger off and ran the company herself.
  10. Amused: I found ‘The Kiss by Sara Teasdale in a poetry book and it made me smirk. So I thought I’d share it.

Have fun
Stay brave