April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 Problem solving

Hi Peeps,

Welcome to the April 2021 Newsletter. Another month has gone by. Been on holiday to Canberra. Then back to work for another group of the navy.

Ingenuity – NASA’s Mars helicopter

The engineering and scientific world has got very excited this month as Ingenuity successfully flew on Mars. I watched my favourite Astrophysicist, Dr Becky, react live to the first flight, check it out here. Ingenuity will be doing test flights for the next month, check out the NASA website for updates or just google Mars Helicopter.


In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was going to read a whole heap of books. That didn’t happen so much. I did get through a couple.


As discussed in the book section I didn’t read many crime novels over Easter. I did binge-watch the whole of Miss S on SBS on demand. It just kept getting better (for an intro check out my last newsletter). I really hope they make another series.

Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games

I’ve been watching Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games on SBS on-demand for a reimagining of some Agatha Christie stories. Based in France in the 1950s the characters are fun and the plots are great cosy mysteries.

Live Music

Went to watch Human Nature at the Concourse. They are so brilliant and incredibly funny. They took the piss out of themselves for most of the concert. It was an acoustic concert in which they told their history. From vocal ensemble to Boy-band to Man-band. It was a wonderful night out.


I’ve been working on my Autumn 2021 playlist on Spotify, it is a mix of new songs from around the world. I have also continued to fill my life with Arashi and J-pop so much so that Spotify ‘created me’ my own Arashi mix playlist. It is stacked with Arashi songs and interspersed with other awesome J-pop groups such as Vaudry, Novelbright and Perfume.

Epic Project

I bet that you thought I would talk about the kitchen but no. My epic project is building a database and storage for all of the sewing patterns. So far I have 320 patterns in the database. I have about 30 more of them to be entered before all the traditional printed ones are stored in the database. I will then have to add all the hand-drafted and pdf patterns. It’s been an interesting project. Full of memories and lots of patterns I don’t have any idea where they have come from. If you what a dress pattern from the 1980s I’ll your girl. I can also cover the 60s,70s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s. Now all I have to do is actually use some of them. Hehehehe

Anyway, that is enough for this month. Next month will see concerts, Eurovision, the ripping out of the kitchen, and my birthday and party.