November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021

Hi, Welcome to another newsletter, not as late as last month. Yippee!!! November hasn’t been a great month emotionally the grief monster came to visit. I miss my parents a lot. I hoped it would get easier but I think it gets harder. Apart from that, it was a good month catching up with people in person, hugging guinea pigs and signing another 6 months with Ausgrid.

Cool video site: The Kid Should See This

Ever wanted to know how pencils are made check out this video by Faber-Castell or have you ever wondered what train nerds get up to during look down. They make Guinness world record musical train videos. It was made by the amazing people at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, one of my favourite places on earth.

Stitch, Bitch and Eat

I hosted Stitch ‘n’ Bitch this month. We had a lovely time. Some people achieved a lot of stitching, others did more of the bitching and eating. I did manage to finish a crocheted sunglasses cover which I started a while ago.

Science articles

Another amazing scientist Biochemist Gertrude Elion is a Nobel prize winner for drug discoveries.
New storm emission discovery, green afterglow after sprites, both I’ve never heard of before.


So Spotify has released the stats for 2021. My top band should be no surprise for anyone following along this year is ARASHI. They also took out my top 5 songs. I was in the top 0.5% of all listeners of ARASHI in Australia. hehehe So if you want to hear my top songs for the year check out this playlist. If you want to hear my normal seasonal playlist check out spring 2021. I’ve also started a Christmas song playlist which I’ll be adding to in the lead up to Christmas.


Cricket, motorsport, more cricket, more motorsport repeat.

Joy and Meditation

So we have all heard about the benefits of meditation. If you are like me you’ve tried it in the past and sometimes it works for a moment, a week or a month then it just feels like a chore which you have to do which makes you frustrated and stressed about doing it which makes the whole benefit of it disappear. Anyway, I saw this article from Ingrid Fetell Lee, 7 Joyful Alternatives To Meditation. It is lovely to read some different choices to the traditional methods. Also inspired by her joyful outlook and the discussions about headsets at stitch and bitch, I invested in the Logitech G733 in purple it has flashing lights and is wireless. They make me smile and other people smile.


So I’ve done a couple of binge days this month. I’ve started reading 2 different series by Anna Lee Huber. I started with Verity Kent series. She is a widow just after the great war. I started with the first book in the series, This Side of Murder, a mystery with a massive twist. Then I started on the Lady Darby series, based in the 1830s. The first book is called The Anatomist’s Wife. I loved it. The characters are great and I really like Lady Darby. The second book is Mortal Arts. I again loved it. I have the second Verity Kent book, Treacherous is the Night, sitting waiting for me on my Kobo.


Thanks for being my friends. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and Santa is good to you. Of course, there is no reason why you can’t be naughty and nice.