October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021

Hi Everyone,
Running a bit late it’s been a busy start to November. So October was exciting even more Guinea pigs arrived. Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta arrived probably on the 3rd given the annoying beeping going on. They are all boys which was disappointing because I found someone who wanted extra girls for their herd. Anyway, they are all cute and I’m now busy running 3 cages. Fingers crossed they will have new homes soon.
With the world opening up last month I got to do things like go out for lunch, shopping in the city and go to the gym. Yippee!!!!
So on with the newsletter


I have always loved the quote “If a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind what is an empty desk a sign of?” So when I saw this in the New Yorker it made me giggle; What your desk says about you?

Women of Science

It’s been a while since I shared some women of science. So here are a couple of amazing ladies.
Nancy Grace Roman – the mother of hubble
Valarie Thomas – pioneer of landsat, the satellites that map the earth, also the owner of an amazing afro.

Breast Cancer Month

In sad news this month, my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, exactly the same as mine. It was caught early so she should make a full recovery. So as it was breast cancer month I thought it might be worth the reminder to do a Breast Self Exam or go and get checked.

Butt Month

September was butt month, sorry I missed it. So as I don’t want you to miss out I’ve shared the link to a variety of articles all about butts.

Weird Dreams

So I have had some really weird dreams recently so when this article came across my computer it really resonated. It talks about how weird dreams are training our brains and why they are happening now.


It has been a busy month for sport, the woman’s big bash cricket, the men’s T20 world cup, V8 supercars are back, F1, MotoGP, Rally, Rallycross, Nitro and Extreme E. There really isn’t enough time in the day to watch it all.


Just going to list them

I hope you are all going well and are enjoying the freedoms that have been opening up. Hope to catch up in person soon. It has been a great start to November so I can’t wait to share the new books, TV series and news from this month.